More About #CuppingTheatre

Our Mission

  • Team with schools, arts councils, and theaters in our local are to provide a stage for performance of art
  • Create a community driven environment where everyone feels welcome, no matter your makeup
  • Bring entertainment events to the community of Sans Souci
Events Calendar

KidPrep Requirements

  • Must be a student
  • Under 18 must have parent permission
  • Must be willing to volunteer back 5% of your time to the program (20 hours Kid Prep  = 1 hour volunteer time)

KidPrep Resources

  • A selection of daily edibles
  • Elementary, Middle, High, and Beyond volunteer tutors will be available
  • Project assist, supply assistance, blitz learning events, social team building, arts driven.

Cupping Theatre Concept


#CuppingTheatre is Early Goat Coffee Co’s performance art initiative. We partner with local schools, performance theatre’s, and arts councils to bring special performances to our stage. Often times, performance artists spend months preparing for a performance they only showcase for an evening at their local schools or local theatres. We thought it would be a great way to give back by partnering with these groups to showcase their talent on our stage and provide an additional way to give back to the community. These performances range in age, cultural diversity, and cover topics and issues within our society that need to be addressed. We are proud to offer sponsorship for these events and platforms for our local artists by partnering with local businesses to bring awareness to these issues.


#CuppingTheatre targets artists of all ages, ranges, and backgrounds. We provide the stage, you provide the art. We also work with several businesses in our local community to bring these performances to light. If you are interested in performing, sponsoring, or volunteering in our #CuppingTheatre we would like to hear from you.

Get Involved

If you are interested in performing, sponsoring, or volunteering in our #CuppingTheatre we would like to hear from you. We are always looking for artists, performance groups, musicians, production assistants, free lance services, and writers to bring the best performances to our stage.

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